Our Story


Dahab Restaurant Cuisine was established with a passion for providing hospitality in a high new level. Because our customers deserve the best, we offer the highest standards in all aspects of our services. Customer service, decoration, atmosphere, and most importantly, the quality of our food.

The restaurant provides a wide variety of Mediterranean and International dishes made by the hands of our experienced chefs, where you can find a taste of love in every bite. The distinguished coffee bar is ready to provide mouthwatering selections of cold and hot drinks in addition to our signature cocktails that get you into the right mood.


Dahab Restaurant cuisine was established with passion a passion of providing

hospitality in a high new level we believe that each and every customer deserves the best ,

So we pay attention to every small detail by providing a combination of the highest

standards found decoration, Food quality , Customer service and overall atmosphere .

Dahab Restaurant Cuisine Is The Place

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